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Comic Review: Invincible #95

“With Invincible still powerless, can the Guardians of the Globe and Atom Eve protect the Earth from the new Flaxan invasion?”


Invincible #95 Comic Review

(spoilers below)

Though it didn’t seem long to us as readers, Robot and Monster Girl were gone for centuries on the Flaxan home world. Robert Kirkman does a great job of dangling plot threads, then tying them up when he’s ready. Juxtaposing the invasion in the present and Robot and Monster Girls’ tenure as revolutionaries works very well. We get an issue with action and the hidden history we’d been missing since Robot’s disappearance and return. The cliffhanger we were left with last issue pays off majorly Fighting a war is the only choice for the two of them hoping to help spur social change. When they finally reach power and influence, they lost the only thing holding it all together–their bond as the only humans on this strange alien world. Rex’s (Robot’s) super intelligence allowed him to learn the native language. It’s what helps him achieve effectiveness in governance. But for all his genius, he becomes myopic towards the real problems of beings living out their daily lives. Amanda (Monster Girl) is his conscience and when they drift apart his decisions become more cold and calculating, crunching lives like data.  With centuries passing on the Flaxan home world without aging either of them, they become the only two denizens left who remember the awful rule and planetary invasions that brought the two of them there in the first place. Amanda sees Robot as a power mad despot, Robot sees Amanda as a child with naive notions of right or wrong. Without each other to lean on, they begin to embody to the worst parts of their personalities.

Since time flows differently there, Amanda and Rex spent seven centuries in insurrection, war, and governing. Amanda became sympathetic to the plight of the former dictators. Really, she just longed for closeness with someone who needed her. Rex loved her in his own way, but his super intelligence is also his hubris. He doesn’t need anyone, he just needs time to think of a plan. His callow mindset allowed his love to drift from him and blind him to her eventual betrayal. And this is where the pay off gets good; through some miracle of magic and alien biology, Amanda–in monster form–is able to impregnate one of the oppressed Flaxan’s. The warrior leading the new invading force really is (somehow) her child.

“This issue ties up the hanging threads from Robot’s return, and begins to set the stage for Invincible #100. Kirkman’s other book, a “small indie title” called The Walking Dead, also recently celebrated its 100th issue.”

The Zaxal’s, as the former ruling class, are nothing but invaders and pillagers. Even under Rex’s far from humane treatment, at least they were powerless to continue their raiding parties on other dimensions. A century is too long for any human to endure. Seven centuries would break even the strongest emotional bond. Though Rex and Amanda reconcile and return to Earth, all of their meddling has come back to them. Amanda’s half Flaxan son seems to have inherited the strength and monstrous nature of her curse. Whether he can shift forms is unknown. This issue ties up the hanging threads from Robot’s return and begins to set the stage for Invincible #100. Kirkman’s other book, a small indie title called The Walking Dead, also recently celebrated its 100th issue.

Will Invincible’s abilities return quick enough to turn the tide? Can the Guardians of the Globe help beat back this invasion? After seven hundred years on their home world, I’m willing to bet Robot has a few tricks waiting in contingency for just this occasion.


Here’s a quick look inside Invincible #95.


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