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Superman’s Fortress Of Solitude Up For Sale


I feel like there’d be a difficult commute…

Well, Superfans, the appointed day has almost arrived. Zack Snyder’s Superman flick “Man of Steel” comes out this Friday, and people are excited. We’ve covered the trailer, and our favorite geeky real estate blog, Movoto (the folks who priced Tony Stark’s house from the “Iron Man” movies, Stormwind Keep from “World of Warcraft” and the TARDIS of “Doctor Who“) has just figured out how much Superman’s pad would cost if it existed in the real world. Can you guess its price tag? (Here’s a hint: it’s crazy-expensive.)

$814 trillion. Trillion. That’s 814, followed by twelve zeros. The US National Debt isn’t even at $17 trillon, and Supes’ house is almost 48 times that. (I told you it was crazy expensive.) The big question is why? Why would a giant mound of crystal cost more than the GDP of a few dozen first world nations combined? Easy. It’s enormous and made of an incredibly valuable material.

First off, David Cross, (the guy who wrote Movoto’s post), figures the Fortress of Solitude has a surface area of roughly 141,300 square feet. (To put that in perspective, the main structure of the Taj Mahal has a square footage of 34,596, so the Fortress of Solitude is like a couple of Taj Mahals put next to each other.)

Secondly, the FoS is made of crystal, specifically, a Kryptonian crystal called sunstone. As this form of building material is fictional, Mr. Cross was forced to come up with a real-world alternative, and since salt and snowflakes didn’t do it for him, he chose diamonds, thus explaining the place’s astronomical (heh) price tag.

Movoto’s infographic is below, and here’s a link to the article if you’d like to read more of what Mr. Cross had to say on the subject. As for me, I want to know who’s planning on seeing “Man of Steel” this Friday? I’m certainly looking forward to it. (Also, what’s everyone’s favorite Superman movie? Just curious.) Be sure to let us know in the comments below, dear readers.

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