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Marvel Comics’ “Superior Spider-Man” #1 Review



Release Date: September 9, 2012
Synopsis: There's a new Spider-Man in town, and he's out to show what happens if you mess with him!




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8.5/ 10

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Dynamic, exciting and intriguing.


A couple of key moments would have benefited from bigger panels.

Posted January 9, 2013 by

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The Superior Spider-Man makes his debut. What Would Peter Parker do? Not This…

Otto Octavius is standing at his grave…

If that doesn’t make any sense to you, he and Peter Parker swapped minds in “The Amazing Spider-Man” #698-#700, so that Doctor Octopus could free himself from his dying body; and in its final moments, with Peter’s life flashing before his eyes, Spidey transferred the experience into Ock’s head; meaning Otto has now experienced what Peter Parker has, and is instilled with some of the sense of responsibility that comes with his powers.

…So yeah, Otto is standing at his grave saying goodbye to himself; lamenting what a loser Octavius was, and that from now on, his name is Peter Parker. Wearing a headset that intercepts police radio, Otto overhears that, over at Empire State University, there are ‘officers down.’

So the all-new ‘Superior’ Spider-Man swings into action and faces off a against the New Sinister Six. Comprised of second-string super-villains The Shocker, Speed Demon, the new Beetle, Boomerang, The Living Brain and Overdrive (who’s ‘pimped out’ The Big Wheel as their getaway car), Otto is galled at these mooks taking the grand name of his former super-villain team.

Arrogantly insulting the villains as he assesses them, Superior starts taking them down… but Speed Demon gets the drop on him and pounds on his face, using super-speed to deliver hundreds of blows, until Superior exclaims “Enough!”…and swings away from the scene, to the disbelief of The Six.

But the Superior Spider-Man’s actions inadvertently threaten the life of a cop; and he acts against his own judgment to save him, bringing the web-slinger back into the fray, where, with the aid of new additions he’s made to the Spider-costume, he raises his game…

Abandoning the taken-down Living Brain, five of the Sinister Six evacuate, and the Superior Spider-Man acquires the hi-tech Living Brain robot.

Otto then picks up Peter’s groundbreaking scientific work at Horizon Labs and raises the ante on it (taking it into a more menacing area) before taking Mary Jane out on a date. There, he ignores her chit-chat, staring at her chest, while listening in on what’s left of the Sinister Six, whom he’s wire-tapped to learn their weaknesses…

The Superior Spider-Man then sets up the super-villains for a monumental beat down at his hands, filmed by the Daily Bugle; delivering the message that this is what happens when you cross the Superior Spider-Man… and it looks as though he might be taking things a step too far, but then…

I won’t give away the ending, but “Superior Spider-Man” #1 completes the picture that “The Amazing Spider-Man” #700 began and delivers a very strong first issue for the new protagonist. Dynamically illustrated thoughout by former “Scarlet Spider” artist Ryan Stegman, the only weak spots in the art are that a couple of key moments would have benefited from having much bigger panels to convey the impact of them.

Set in the same world as “The Amazing Spider-Man” but with quite a different feel, writer Dan Slott has delivered an intriguing beginning for the story of Otto Octavius as Spider-Man; and if you’re a Spidey fan who wasn’t planning on following the pseudo-hero’s adventures, I’d recommend checking this book out before you make your final decision on that.

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