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Image Comics’ ‘Nowhere Men’ #4 Review

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Release Date: March 13, 2013
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9.9/ 10

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Hands down the most brilliantly designed ongoing series on the comic book market today.
And the story just keeps getting better.


It's densely packed.
With awesome, but still. Give yourself the time this beautiful book needs to be fully appreciated.

Posted March 14, 2013 by

Full Review

This book. Wow. What a masterpiece.

That’s not a word I throw around lightly, either. Image Comics‘ “Nowhere Men” is without a doubt the most incredibly designed ongoing comic book out today. Eric Stephenson, Nate Bellegarde, Jordie Bellaire and Fonografiks are producing a brilliantly cohesive package, and the fourth issue is dynamite. I’ve heard from some readers who drifted from this title after the first two issues, and others who picked it up again after my review of issue #3. If you let “Nowhere Men” lapse from your list, rectify that immediately.


“Nowhere Men” succeeds on so many levels because it’s doing things very few other monthly comics are doing. You might see supplementary materials (fake documents, articles, posters, etc.) in longer graphic novel formats, but it’s incredibly rare to see so many pages devoted to these pieces in an ongoing book. They really do augment the story, though. If you take the time to read the history of World Corp, or appreciate Emerson Strange’s name appearing on both “Most Wonderful Human Being” and “Creep of the Year” lists as voted on by readers of “The Science Chronicle”, well, then you’re doing “Nowhere Men” right. Take your time. Soak in the story and the design. There’s so much of it, and if you go too fast, you’ll miss something awesome.

Eric Stephenson is crafting a story that is at once familiar and unlike anything I’ve seen. Every time I get comfortable he pulls the rug out from under me. Characters that started out as recognizable archetypes have morphed over the past four issues, sometimes physically, creating a really complex web of intrigue and conspiracy. This is a world where good and evil aren’t really applicable, but science and power can be the difference between life and death. And it’s in the midst of these extremes where “Nowhere Men” has really hit its groove.

I can’t speak more highly about Team Art on this book. Nate Bellegarde and Jordie Bellaire are completely in sync with one another. Bellegarde’s drawings are for the most part clean and uncluttered, which fits the design as a whole. And Bellaire’s colors are crisp and bright, even when she’s coloring something rather gruesome. (That happens a lot in this issue.) Fonografiks brings the whole look together with an outstanding variety of pages and panels. “Nowhere Men” is the type of high concept design that could fall flat without such an incredible team bringing it each and every issue.

“Nowhere Men” #4 broadens the conflict, raises the stakes, fills in some backstory and then crushes hopes in rapid succession, but the pacing is spot on and the goals are clear. This is just fantastic comics on every level.

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Andrea Shockling

Andrea Shockling has been reading comics for 20+ years, working as an artist for 15+ years, writing on the internet for 10+ years and raising her son for 7+ years. She is an expert at none of these things, but she sure does enjoy talking about all of them. She lives in the Bay Area with her family and eats a lot of vegetables.

  • Hornbuck

    This book is my favorite comic being released every month now. I feel a bit silly saying this, but after I finished reading this issue I reevaluated my pull list using this as the standard of quality to cull a few titles that I was borderline on. That Dr. Queen stuff…Wow!

    • Andrea Shockling

      It’s really high quality storytelling on every level!

  • Matthew A. Ramirez

    This definitely sounds like my next read!