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‘The Walking Dead’ Comic-Book Review: #108





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Posted March 22, 2013 by

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Heads up: There’s a Bengal tiger.

It’s been a month since I had my fix of “The Walking Dead” comics, and it’s beginning to feel like Robert Kirkman is running out of ideas. Reading this issue felt more like a synopsis rather than a full-blown story. We got glimpses into new aspects of “The Walking Dead,” but the word “glimpse” is really overstating it.

You might have realized by now that Kirkman is filling up “The Walking Dead” with biblical references. I don’t know how you guys feel about it, but personally, it feels a little played out and overdone. Ezekiel, The Kingdom, and Jesus are a bit over the top. Next thing you know there’ll be some sort of prophecy. It just seems off track, because what draws people to “The Walking Dead” is its raw take on a post-apocalyptic world, not loads of references to biblical times.

An example of one of those references would be Ezekiel, self-proclaimed king of The Kingdom, a walled community seemingly made up of a school and some tents. Sounds like the Hilltop is a better deal, right? Then how did this guy get to call himself “king” when there are clearly better options out there? Obviously The Kingdom is familiar with the Hilltop, so why aren’t people flocking to it? To top it off, not only do I think this is absolutely ridiculous, but Rick does too! On several occasions, Jesus finds himself being cut short and having to offer some sort of explanation to Rick about how ridiculous this is.

Oh and Ezekiel also has a Bengal Tiger chained to his side. Yeah, he keeps a wild cat beside him like a Kim Kardashian-type with a chihuahua in her purse. Robert Kirkman, it’s a bit much. I’m really hoping he gets us back on track in the next couple of issues, because while the plan of action is good, the presentation is not.

“He keeps a wild cat beside him like a Kim Kardashian type with a chihuahua in her purse.”

And by “plan of action”, I mean Ezequiel bringing Dwight into their game plan. If you were just as outraged as Rick was, I don’t blame you. The guy has an endless track record for being Negan’s errand boy. You have to admit though, it was a long time coming. Kirkman threw a few hints here and there, and I refuse to believe that devotion would be the strongest emotion Rick would feel towards Negan when the guy’s done so much damage to Dwight.

Feel free to disagree with me, but Kirkman might have a good opportunity on his hands. We’ve lost characters left and right, and Kirkman doesn’t seem to be adding any more. Am I the only one who thinks Dwight wouldn’t be a bad addition to the group? “The Walking Dead” is known for having a large variety of characters. I had such a hard time believing that Michonne could possibly relate to Carl in the beginning. Maybe Dwight could come to replace her in that sense. They are both disfigured, and I’m sure Dwight has some issues of his own regarding his face.

I’m sort of hesitant about mentioning Carl because I seem to keep trashing him in my reviews. Last issue, I was glad he finally broke, and it seemed like he was going to go back to being a kid. Now I understand that in a world like this, being a kid isn’t really an option. On the other hand, recklessness isn’t an option either and Carl seems to be falling back into that over and over again. Michonne did her best to try to step in, but if Negan’s capture didn’t humble him, what will?

The preview for next month’s issue shows us Maggie and Sophia. It’s been a while since we’ve seen them, hasn’t it? I can’t wait to read the next issue and I’m really giving Kirkman a shot at redemption. In the meantime, feel free to comment about “The Walking Dead” #108. What theories do you guys have on Dwight? What about Ezekiel? Does he seem dependable or not?

Matthew A. Ramirez

Matthew is a Star Wars fanatic first, human second. He lives and breathes for video games, books, and anything out of this world. His life is heavily influenced by his Peter Pan Syndrome. He's a Slytherin and a Lannister. He currently studies at Florida International University as an elementary education major and pursues web design & development during his free time. He lives in Miami, FL with his girlfriend, Ana and their cat, Khaleesi.

  • SlickNick

    the walking dead has been really hard to continue to enjoy for me. the first 80 issues were amazing truly grtiity apocoliptic world full of diverse and interesting characters but the last 20 -30 for me have almost felt as if they are writtten by a complelty different person. definitly hit and miss and this one felt that way even more for me… i think ill give WD up for a while let some issues build up becuase i am just not getting much form it recently, i sincetly dont care what hapens to so many of the characters (outside our group). when i saw the tiger i just put the issue down. the religous symbols are annoying to me and completly out of place and cliche. good review power on! I am glad “crossed” hasnt lost its personality yet.

  • Matthew A. Ramirez

    That’s exactly it. It’s like Kirkman has just taken a hiatus and somebody’s replaced him. The first 80 issues were amazing. So much that it didn’t even feel like I was reading fiction, but the last few have this whole fictitious and unbelievable feel to it. The world is supposed to be raw and gritty, it doesn’t come with symbolism so why should this post-apocaliptic world be coated with Biblical references that suggest some sort of “hope?”