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Five Great Skyrim Mods

Thanks to the Skyrim Creation Kit, hundreds of gamers and developers have been able to add more and more amazing detail, action, and story to the world of Skyrim. Not that the game was lacking any when it first came out, but let’s be serious here, gamers had logged well over fifty hours of game play within the first three days and gamer made walk-throughs were popping up on the net just a week after already detailing the end of the game. So what then is there to do once you’ve slain it all? Well, that my friends is where the mods come in. I have taken the time to peruse the great and mighty web for the greatest and wackiest mods, to help get my fellow gamers through to the next DLC pack. Below I present my personal top five picks for Skyrim mods.

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  1. Most adventurers would argue that your skill set is the most important aspect of your character. Others may argue that it’s all in the weapons, but what many fail to recognize until it’s far too late is the importance of the inventory system. See there’s nothing worse than trying to find that weapon with the perfect enchantment created specifically for this troll that just came running at you only you can’t. The problem you’re having now is that you have to pause the game and search for this darn sword through your inventory. PC gamers agree that one of Skyrim’s biggest problems is its inventory system. It’s slow and has way too much scrolling, but fear not as the Sky UI interface mod has come to the rescue.This mod does more than just tweak the system a bit; it completely revamps it improving nearly every aspect. Hit that link and see the beauty that is a proper organizational system, quick recognition icons and a text search for those I need it now moments.
  2. Characters are the driving force behind games like Skyrim. They develop the story line, they give the decisions you will need to make. Without characters it would just be you and a huge map with some animals… rather boring prospect when you think about it. Characters in Skyrim are all built and made to look as authentic as is possible, but as we all know a little aftermarket touch up can’t hurt too badly, and with the level of detail that you get with the Xenius Character Enhancement you’ll be more than happy that loaded this baby up. This mod won’t make your characters look like fashion models, but the level of detail brought in while still maintaining the original art style is in my honest opinion far more impressive.
  3. This next mod goes out to the all or nothing crowed. This one is for those gamers that have always wondered “I wonder how much damage I could deal while dual wielding two-handed weapons?” or for any gamers who have wanted to summon an undead dragon.That’s right that is a fully armored man riding a saber tooth. What I am getting at is this mod brings A LOT, if getting a bunch of new items, spells, perks and powers each way more out there than the next tickles your interest than hurry on over and get the Tytanis Mod.
  4. How many of you have had silly moments in Skyrim? Maybe you just cleared out a cave and you feel a bit like punching a dragon. So you go out find one and proceed to punch it repeatedly for twenty or so minutes until you finally down it, no weapons, no magic, just you and the dragon. Or how about flinging cheese? Has that ever crossed your mind?You know it has. Well then today is your lucky day strange cheese flinging adventurer. The Cheese Flinging Spell will allow you to live out all of those murderous cheese dreams you’ve been having. So go ahead and have yourself a cheesetastic time!
  5. The Majority of your time in Skyrim is spent staring at the business end of a weapon. On other occasions you’ll be staring down the business end of a dragon’s fire breath, but that’s beside the point. What I’m trying to say here is, Weapons, tons of them, and the mod that will help you keep them looking even prettier then the day you looted it off of that guard you spotted just outside of town.That’s right it’s the Weapon Retexture Project from Modder Millenia. This mod will help keep that steel mace bright and shiny, right up until it caves your helmet in.

So there they are peeps. Those are the top five mods that have managed to capture my attention and will most likely get you through several more hours of game play. But enough about me what about you? I know that there are loads more mods out there some even wackier than the cheese spell. So let me know in the comments what you think about the other mods, and if they are good enough I might even have to make a new list.

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