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Oculus Rift: Game Changer?

From Kickstarter to Kick-A$$
the Oculus Rift Challenges Traditional Gaming



Oculus Rift sets out to make in home virtual reality a reality. YES! YES! YES! This is the moment I’ve been waiting for from the first time I’d ever even heard the words virtual reality. Thanks to brilliant minds like Paulmer Luckey; founder of Oculus, and the developers that are backing him, VR is going to be a reality much sooner than I or anyone else was expecting. When the Kickstarter project launched, the SDK kits (Developer Kits) were only available to those who pledged $300 or more to the Oculus-Kickstarter campaign. That campaign ended on Aug 31, 2012. SDK kits are now available for per-order via their website for a cost of $300 to any developer who may missed that Aug 31, 2012 deadline. Now anyone who wants to incorporate virtual reality and the Oculus Rift into their upcoming game or play around with it can. These kits will be shipping out in early 2013.  This is absolutely amazing to me because I’ve found out that most engine licenses can cost upward of $5,000.


If you’re a developer, indie or not, and you have a game in the works that may be first-person and kind of immersive, you’ll probably want to check this out. Once in the hands of developers they can start building games that support the device that will ultimately when released to the public be able to plug and play into any PC and eventually any console (Hopefully). This is largely dependent on if they can garner the support and build the needed relationships with, Microsoft  Nintendo and Sony. The Oculus Rift was a successfully funded project on Kickstarter, it managed to hit its goal very quickly and has already garnered a lot of support from upcoming first-person adventure and shooter games, including Doom 3: BFG Edition. Many developers like Epic and Valve are super impressed by the tech and super committed to creating content for the Rift. With Kickstarter, Oculas was able to raise $2.4 million dollars in pledges from over 9,000 backers which absolutely smashed its $250,000 goal. Over 6000 of these pledges were for more than $300 dollars to pick up their very own SDK.


This is such a huge step in the right direction for the next generation of video game immersion and interactivity. I can’t even begin to fathom all the games of old that could receive an Oculus face lift. The prospect makes me tingle. We gamers will soon be able to step into the shoes of the protagonists we all know and love. Exploring and adventuring will never be the same and honestly it will probably be pretty hard to ever go back to the old style of gaming. Adhesive Games & Meteor Entertainment have already said they will add support for the Oculus with their upcoming game Hawken. I got a chance to play Hawken at Comickaze in Los Angeles last month and it was a blast on the old keyboard and mouse, so the ability to climb into a mech using this new tech is absolutely amazing and tantalizing.

What makes the Oculus so impressive is the massive FOV (Field of view) and just how far head tracking has come. With super low latency allowing for quick looking and reacting this really should be a game changer. It may still be a while before Oculus is a household name but this geek is behind them 100%.


Click here to visit the official Oculus website.

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