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Ouya Video Game Console Could Blow Up

The release date for Ouya is set for March 2013.


Will the “Ouya” be like water in the desert for thirsty gamers or is it destined to fail?

Following in the footsteps of companies like “Roku” and “Onlive”, ”Ouya” is trying to place their pretty little box in homes across America. With an introductory price of $99 and running on the Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” platform they stand a good chance to have huge success.

The Kickstarter campaign was a resounding success ending yesterday with 63,416 backers investing $8,596,475 towards the project. I’m sure Julie Uhrman and her team could not be more excited and this marks an important day for indy video game developers worldwide. I’m sure they will draw inspiration from this ambitious bunch. Originally only trying to raise roughly one million dollars they smashed this goal nearly overnight. They finished at 905% of their goal. This made the Ouya Kickstarter project the second highest earning project in the website’s history. This also goes a long way to proving the demand from the gaming community for a new console and a new way to game is very strong. It was almost like offering water to a man in the desert. I feel like many larger companies; (not to name any names) seem to have lost sight about what gamers want.

OUYA’s success is an important moment in the always evolving video game industry!

Those interested in joining the “revolution” as they are labeling it can pre-order the device on its new official website.

A lot of the consoles success will depend of word of mouth from early adopters, media coverage and developers. If they can get a really strong developer offering no doubt they will explode.

NAMCO BANDAI Games America, Inc. Vice President of Marketing, Carlson Choi has gone on record saying the following:

“NAMCO BANDAI Games and OUYA are currently in active discussions to bring some of the world’s biggest gaming properties to the exciting new open gaming platform. NAMCO BANDAI brings with it a rich history of iconic gaming franchises, from classics like ‘PAC-MAN’ and ‘GALAGA,’ to seminal franchises like ‘TEKKEN’ and ‘Ridge Racer,’ and we’re excited to explore how we can work with OUYA to bring some great titles to the forthcoming console.”

If you visit the NAMCO BANDAI Facebook page;!/NamcoBandai, you can post what game you would like to see make its way to the OUYA.

Uhrman also recently announced was that the console would actually support up to four controllers instead of just one. This is good news because without this feature it may have been doomed before it even got rolling. Gaming is a community and as a community gamers like to play with others. Controllers are expected to be about $30. Currently the console is slated for a March 2013 release so I will be paying close attention to this.

Various developers have already started working and saying they will be onboard. Infinity Ward and Square Enix to name a few. All it all it is shaping up to be a be a pretty decent gaming product and at 99$ with an open source platform you can’t really argue that! So I’m excited, are you excited? Comment down below and let me know your thoughts. I will leave you with the current known hardware specs.

Hardware Specifications:

Nvidia Tegra 3 (T33) SoC
Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU
Nvidia ULP GeForce GPU
8 GB of internal flash storage
HDMI connection to the TV, with support for up to 1080p HD
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth LE 4.0
Ethernet port
One USB 2.0
Wireless controller sporting two analog sticks, d-pad, eight action buttons, a system button, and touchpad
Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich”

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