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12 Horror Movie Double Features To Kill For


“If you’re looking for some good horror to round out your Halloween weekend, then look no further.”

It’s doubtful you’ll find good horror in a modern, suburban multiplex (unless you’re lucky enough to live around some more indie theaters, like the New Beverly or Egyptian). Luckily, with the advent of online streaming and iTunes, there are plenty of ways to catch some really good horror films you won’t find anywhere else. Here are some great double feature options to check out while snuggling with your girlfriend, or boyfriend, or dog, or, if you’re Rick Santorum, goldfish, on the couch. None of these films are impossible to find, though some may be a bit harder than others.

With that said, let’s begin.



Them (Ils) (2006).

The Tall Man & Them (Ils)

I’m placing this one first, solely because it’s the double feature I made up the other night that started me thinking about this kind of list. For those not aware, French Extremity is a newer sub-genre of horror that blends the artistry of French New Wave with the savagery of the slasher pic. (For more on French Extremity, and the full review of The Tall Man click here).

The Tall Man is the American debut of Pascal Laugier, who also directed the amazing Martyrs. It stars Jessica Biel (Total Recall, Hitchcock), in what is perhaps her finest role to date. It’s a thinking man’s horror film, as it deals with sociological issues that most people do not want to confront, since there are no easy answers. Indeed, the film itself remains ambivalent about what the answer might be even at its conclusion, instead choosing to let the audience decide what it thinks for itself. It will keep you guessing until the very end.

Them (Ils) is a film I found after watching The Tall Man (both are on Netflix). It is similar to The Strangers, in that it revolves around a couple staying in a country home for the weekend, where they are then psychologically and physically tortured by a group of savages. However, that is where the similarities end. In Them, they actually tell you who the killers are in the end, and it, like many in the French Extremity canon, has a deeper message about society. It’s also apparently based on a true story, which makes the events all that more chilling. It packs a wallop during its 78-minute time frame, and is worth checking out.

Possible substitutions for one of the films above include: Martyrs, Inside, Frontier(s), and High Tension.

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