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Review: Louie "Late Show (Part 1)

Review: Louie S3 Ep10 “Late Show (Part 1)”

Success is terrifying.

There’s at least some comfort in failure. Or maybe failure’s the wrong word here, there’s comfort in stasis, let’s go with that. There’s comfort in knowing that you’re never going to be any better than you are at the moment but that you probably won’t get much worse. Stasis probably best describes the current state of Louis C.K’s fictional alter ego. Two and a half seasons into the show, we know Louie’s place in the world as well as he does. He’s a nice enough guy, a good father and a respected (if not commercially successful) comedian. Louie’s comfort with his current state of being is best exemplified in the scene in his hotel room. Though he’s just killed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he’s perfectly happy to just lay in bed neglecting room service. Even after being told that he’s been requested to have a sit down meeting with CBS, Louie’s only real comment on the matter is a quick complaint about not having enough time to masturbate.


Success though, success is a whole other animal. It’s would be easy for Louie to resign himself to being, as the CBS executive describes his potential future in this week’s stellar episode, a forgotten comedian teaching standup comedy at a community college. Less easy? Taking over the reins of The Late Show from David Letterman.

As the episode opens, Louie finds himself preparing for a set on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The first guest of the night is set to be Tom Cruise. Louie is justifiably concerned about being bumped from the show, as Cruise has a tendency to talk as long as he can on talk shows. Luckily for Louie, (or perhaps unluckily, but we’ll get to that) Tom Cruise walks away at the last possible moment, after apparently being spooked by some surprise motorcycle segment. Suddenly without an opening guest, Leno and his people quickly prep Louie to be the opening guest and all of a sudden our hero is headlining the night. So much for getting bumped.

And then something unexpected happens, the terminally unlucky comedian kills. He’s a hit with Leno. The crowd loves him. The video of the interview goes viral. The next morning, Louie wakes up to a plethora of missed calls from his agent and an hour to make a meeting with CBS. When he and his prepubescent looking agent are finally brought in to begin their secret meeting with the CBS executive, they are forced to sign confidentiality wavers and sworn to silence on what they are about to hear. “What I am about to tell you no one knows.” The executive tells Louie. “But it has the potential to change your life.” As it turns out, David Letterman is retiring and CBS wants Louie as an option to replace him. The episode ends with Louie lost in thought as he searches for a response to the absurdly lucrative (and vastly, vastly intimidating) offer. Given that tonight’s episode was part 1 of 3, it’s a pretty good bet that he’ll accept.

Other Thoughts:

I always love when Louie’s 12 year old looking agent appears. He gets exasperated so easily!

Louie, begging to be left alone by room service:  “I have a do not disturb sign on the door. Just don’t do this to me.”


By Chris Vanjonack

Chris Vanjonack