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The Bourne Legacy – Biggest Movie Let Down This Year?

I can describe The Bourne Legacy in one word “incoherent”. Which is too bad because I was really excited for the new Bourne film. The prospect of Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross or “Hawkeye” as a spy in the Bourne universe made me feel warm and fuzzy. Maybe that’s why it was such a let down for me and why I’m calling this movie the most disappointing film of the year.

*** Spoilers ***

The story goes like this Kenneth Kitson is a soldier with an IQ so low, his recruiting officer had to round his IQ up by 12 points to allow him to serve and meet his quota. After being injured by a bomb blast in the line of duty he is recruited for the “Outcome Project.” “Outcome” is a CIA black op that apparently uses blue pills and green pills to chemically alter the agents DNA and turn them into super-soldiers with enhanced intelligence and physical capabilities. Kenneth agrees and becomes the super-spy, Aaron Cross.


When news of the program leeks to the press the higher-ups decided to shut the whole program down Edward Norton was fun to see and delivered very well even with the terrible incoherent writing.

Cross who was doing a solo training exercise in Alaska when the kill command comes he manges to evade everything they could throw at him, including predator drones armed with missiles. Luckily for him he was able to take the tracking device in his hip and feed it to a wolf he snared in a fantastic man vs. wild moment. They blew the poor wolf to smithereens, effectively letting Cross fake his death and make it all the way back to the east coast.


He rescues, or kidnaps (depending on how you look at it) Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz). She lucky for Cross is the scientist who helped create the meds he needs to keep his mitochondrially enhanced edge. Of course they need this edge if they want to have any hope of staying alive. She drops the bomb on him that they will need to get all the way to Philippines in order to get what they need.

Quickly forging some passports they take off for the Philippines

Cross is a very different hero than Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne and I feel that it works for the film unfortunately the last hour is wasted by terrible plot choices and a very anticlimactic ending. Cross’ motivation amounts to nothing more than not wanting to regress to his previous self and the quest to make sure that doesn’t happen. Hurrah, he gets to keep his super powers!

There is a shootout in a  lab and a chase scene that seems to drag on forever. The Bourne Legacy has all the normal stuff you would expect including the silent super assassin that just keeps coming like a terminator but is still somehow too easily defeated. The story left you feeling as if it was simply unfinished and I’m really not willing to pay for tickets to see the rest of movie. It’s almost mind-numbing to me that it could have been so much more.

Walking out of the movie I was left with a lot of questions. Where is the spying in this film? Where is the close quarters combat. Where is the passion or love story? Where is Bourne? What happens next? It was an OK action movie but very below average when compared against other great films in the genre. In fact very below average for a Bourne film. I wonder if Jason will make his return next time around. I know I for one hope so.

Gilroy, if you’re reading this and want me to pay for your next flick it better have Jason VS. Cross. /end rant.

Geek Smash Score: 44/100

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