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True Blood Review: Season 5 Episode 11 "Sunset"

A True Blood Review of Season 5 Episode 11 “Sunset”

*** Spoilers ***

It’s all coming together in tonight’s episode of “True Blood.” The battle between humans and vampires is just about to kick off and the terrible pacing from the last half of dozen episodes seems to have been rectified. Now that all the little side stories are finally finished and the focus is back on the main story arc and connecting all the little dots it was actually a quite enjoyable experience. Bill is still annoying me but if this is the path the writers have chosen to take then so be it. With only one episode left in this season I just hope Eric saves him or something redeems him. There are a lot of clues pointing to the fact that this is not going to be the Bill we know forever. We hope you enjoy this True Blood review of “Sunset”.

The episode starts off quick and doesn’t slow down. With some hot steamy brother on sister vampire action

In comes the US General, this whole scene was perfectly done and executed in my opinion; including the part where Eric snaps his neck and the drama that follows. He makes some pretty bold claims like “We own the day” and ‘We have weapons you can’t even imagine.’

As a result of the Generals murder by Eric and his sister are allowed to leave on a “Glamour Campaign” to try to cover it up and stop the impending backlash. Bill smells something fishy and orders them to take a security detail with but Eric quickly stakes them once they are on the road. I’m sorry I missed what he did it with or how he did it but Eric and his sister fly off into the night. I’ll be honest I forgot they could fly.

Holly and Andy are cute as hell. Andy asks Terry and Arlene how to make his love last with Holly and Arlene is quick to answer in comical fashion. “Loyalty. You need to know that person is going to be there through thick and thin. In case some Iraqi ghost lady puts a course on your whole family.” He also tries to warm up to Holly’s kids. but it doesn’t go over that well.

Alcide is shirtless almost this entire episode he does manage to put a shirt on before he goes vampire hunting with a shot-gun. It doesn’t turn out very well for him but luckily papa wolf comes to the rescue with a big ass bow.


Jessica is forced to put her fangs where mouth is when she runs her mouth off to Bill about turning Jason and being so in love. She can’t do it and even though she has two vampire body guards with her she is able to help Jason kill them and escape. She also brings a warning to him for Sookie that Russell and Steve are on the loose and looking for her.

Pam explains The concept of nest behavior and what is going between the members of the Authority. Other than that she spends most of the episode complaining about how annoying humans and “Baby Vamps” are.

Turns out Chancellor Rosalyn Harris is the maker of the sheriff Tera killed last episode and she comes looking for her progeny. Pam takes the fall for Tera and is arrested and brought back to the Vampire HQ. While being escorted to a cell she passes Sam in the hallway whom is also being escorted to Bill for breakfast and there is a funny exchange where both are like ‘what the hell are you doing here.’

Everyone left in the Authority except Rosalyn seems to believe they are “The Chosen One” Bill even kills Chancellor Kibwe Akinjide (Peter Mensah) when he finds him kneeling before the blood of Lilith proclaiming himself to be “The Chosen One” I’m beginning to think Lilith isn’t just a figment of their imagination and has some kind of strange dark motives herself. They even allude to this with the bloody hand prints and that stay after she’s gone. If she is in fact real and that old she probably has all kinds of powers we’ve never heard of.

We get to meet the Fairy Elder this episode and she asks Sookie all sorts of strange questions about her taste in music. The Elder agrees that it’s time to fight Russell and says they will stand by Sookie’s side in the coming battle but at the end of the episode when Russell glamours Jason and forces him to lead the way to the Fairy hide out she tries to take him on all by herself and needless to say that does not turn out well for her and seems to grant Russell all sorts of new-found power.

What did you think of tonight’s episode, readers? Are you as excited for the season finale as I am? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below and let me know.

Geek Smash score: 87/100

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