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GRIMM Review: "Bad Moon Rising" Plus Full Episode

Grimm Review: Season 2 Episode 3 “Bad Moon Rising”

Watch the full episode here:

For those just entering the Grimm world, here’s what it’s about:

“Grimm” is set and shot in the beautiful city forests of Portland Oregon. It is the story of a modern-day fairyland alive and thriving amongst our own.  Humanoid creatures of every form imaginable exist here, most with a seemingly unquenchable blood thirst and vendettas to match. In the guise of humans they can prey upon the naïve because they are almost impossible to detect or realize, with few exceptions…

Enter Detective Nick Burkhardt, crime investigator, enjoying his fairly normal life until the day he starts seeing things. Namely, creatures with obvious vicious determinations. And they see him seeing them.

Grimm-Bad-Moon-Rising-http://geeksmash.comThese things that should be a trick of the mind lead Nick to discover he is a member of the legendary Grimm family. Suddenly, as if he were in one of the Grimm Fairy-Tales, those unlikely stories turn out to be very real. Much of this ancient collection of stories, with its goblins, werewolves and monstrous villains, complete with drawings and descriptions of each flaw and strength, are still in their original tongue  in a journal that has been kept intact by the Grimm family, has evolved into a huge catalogue of all those creatures.  Grimms  have hunted and fought to help their fellow humans keep the beasts at bay for generations. When Nick’s Aunt Marie dies, Nick is left alone with his newfound knowledge of his gift, the ancient Tome, and the family name to uphold.

Nick is the last male Grimm.  The beasts are many. Most do not believe any Grimm still exists.

Quick rundown of characters to follow;

Monroe  ~ A reformed Wieder Blutbad (werewolf). He turns out to be a real and loyal friend to Nick, who sort of becomes Nick’s unexpected, unofficial partner and is the comic relief of the show.

Julliette  ~ Nick’s longtime girlfriend

Adalind  ~ A Hexenbiest with a vendetta for Nick

Catherine ~ Adalind’s Mother

Captain Sean Renard ~ Nick’s captian, ( also a Hexenbiest, however this is unknown to Nick as of yet) He   does know Nick is a Grimm. He secretly does his best to help and protect Nick when he can.

Kelly Burkhardt ~ Nick’s Mother

Hank ~ Investigator (Nick’s Partner)

Second season Recap;

Nick has taken Hexenbiest powers from Adalind. With a vengeful anger Adalind poisons Juliette, resulting in Julliette slipping into a coma.

Nick’s mother Kelly shows up next, helping him to solve a case of the saber-toothed hit man who is out to get Nick and the precious Coins of Zakynthos.

Kelly now confronts Catherine, (Adalind’s Mother) and a fight ensues.  She tries to pry Adalind’s whereabouts out of Catherine. Instead, Catherine tells her of Juliette’s only hope; there is a Prince in Portland who can awaken her from the coma. He turns out to be none other than Nick’s Captain Sean Renard.  The fight ends with Catherine’s death. A neighbor overhears the commotion and calls 911.

Meanwhile the FBI is attempting to tie Nick to the crime scene of the dead saber-tooth and two dead FBI Agents.

Renard takes a ‘Pure of Heart’ potion and heads to the hospital where he finds Juliette and kisses her. Juliette wakes shortly after.  Nick races to Juliet at the same time Renard is leaving (but of course they don’t see each other).

Nick kisses Juliette passionately, only to find she has NO IDEA WHO HE IS!

*Cue dramatic music*

Nick is still not aware that Captain Renard is the Prince.

Hank, (Nick’s partner) is now suffering from “Grimm sightings”.

Juliette does not remember any existence of Nick.

Latest Episode Review:

*****Spoiler Alert*****

This episode began with Nick bringing Juliette flowers and a laptop with pictures of them together throughout the years, hoping to jog her memory of their relationship. Sadly, Juliette recollects nothing of them being ‘an item’. Remembering Instead her job of five years, colleagues from work, life-long friends…even a dog she delivered, but nothing about Nick.

~Cut away ~ A young woman is being kidnapped from her room by two wolf-like creatures.

Grimm-Bad-Moon-Rising-http://geeksmash.comThe day after attempting to regain Juliette’s memory of their relationship, Nick brings in Monroe, hoping that in seeing him together with his buddy, Juliette’s memory will come back completely. Oddly enough, she remembers Monroe perfectly yet still, nada of Nick. Nick leaves Monroe with Juliette to chat and catch up.

Hank, now in an attempt to figure out all his “nightmares”, goes to a therapist. While recalling recent memories of seeing creatures, (a dead half-decomposed body in a car, a man ‘change’ in front of his eyes after he shot him, etc.) Hank attacks and grabs the therapist by the shoulders. Not quite sure what to do, She calls out to Hank to ‘calm down’, that ‘it’s okay’.  Hank apologizes and leaves.

Cut back to the young girl. Brought up out of the well in which she spent the night tied up and gagged, she is forced to face her mother’s side of the family (whom she’s not seen since childhood).  She is informed of her father “disgracing the family”, having taken her and her Mother away and abandoning his Pack and culture. She is then informed that she is about to be officially reintroduced.

Jarold, a friend of Hank’s from high school, comes in to report that his daughter Carly as missing. In a moment of distress, as Jarold is explaining things to Hank and worrying over Carly, Nick sees him ‘change’ for a split second.

Nick goes to Monroe for help in identifying this new creature he has seen in Hank’s old friend. They find it is called The Coyotl.  Among Coyotl distinctions, they learn of a crude “mating ritual” bestowed upon females in the Pack on the first full moon of their 17th year. Basically this consists of tying the girl up and betrothing her to a member of the pack, usually a choice from her own family bloodline. (Yuck,….).

Captain Renard calls Nick in to discuss the progress on Catherine’s murder case. They agree to strengthen attempts to find her daughter Adalind.

Grimm-Bad-Moon-Rising-http://geeksmash.comJarold and Hank are at the station, still trying to track down Carly. Nick gets to work and sees them. Hank goes to get coffee in the break room and Nick takes this opportunity to talk to Jarold telling what he knows about him. Jarold then tells Nick about his late wife’s family and the situation he left behind in Texas.

When Hank returns with his coffee & continues looking up leads, Jarold informs him of his brother-in-law, Hayden, and the family situation. Hank soon finds in the database that Hayden has been living in Oregon for a while.

Two incorrect addresses, a bloody bathroom and one barn later they find the Pack, including Hayden. Nick speaks to Hayden about Carly’s disappearance. Hayden denies any knowledge of her whereabouts. This angers Jarold and he storms out of the car, lunging at Hayden. Hank manages to hold Jarold back, but Jarold smells Carly and runs, with Hank in full pursuit. They search and find a ceremony stand, but no Carly. They go over to investigate a well & find Carly tied up inside. While Hank and Nick are pulling Carly out, Jarold’s emotions overflow and carry him down to the Pack where he is, of course, overwhelmed and taken hostage. Hank and Nick take Carly up into the barn as she goes into hysterics, her eyes aglow at the Grimm in Nick. This starts to literally bring out the beast in her so Hank draws his gun and takes aim…causing Nick to decide that now is as good a time as any to tell Hank the basics of their situation. Carly also calms down at what she hears and changes back into human form.

Hayden wants to come to talk to Nick & Hank with the understanding that if anything happens to him, Jarold dies. They agree.

Once in the barn, Hayden unleashes his true colors, lunging at Hank, and to his surprise receives a punch that sends him to the ground.

Looking Nick in the face, Hayden finally realizes he is looking at a Grimm. His niece states “Yeah, he’s a Grimm”, satisfaction in her voice…

Grimm-Bad-Moon-Risign-http://geeksmash.comCarly then screams and runs out, luring the rest of the pack (except for Todd, Carly’s betrothed and the gunman keeping Jarold behind as hostage) The Pack lunges inside the barn all of them fully ‘changed’, when they see Hayden tied up. They then turn around as the door closes behind them and standing there, a Grimm, and Hank. Human form quickly takes over and they all look as though they are going to wet their pants.

Down below Todd still has Jarold at gun point, until he mouths off and Jarold bites his arm forcing him to drop the gun, resulting in an all-out brawl. At the last-minute Todd gets Jarold in his grip, but Carly whacks the back of his head with a metal rod, knocking him out.

The entire pack has been arrested.

And so Father and Daughter are reunited.

Hank is coming to terms with his new knowledge.

As Nick is about to explain everything, to Hank, Hank stops him to say he’s fine.

Julliette’s doctor calls Nick to tell him it is time for Juliette’s release from the hospital.

Once home, not more can be said than it was just plain awkward.

Juliette is still not sure of Nick, so is a bit cold.

A down- trodden Nick is left to contemplate what will happen next.

- And that is Season 2, Episode 3 of Grimm. Will Juliette recall her romance with Nick? Will Nick soon find out about Captain Renard? Will Adalind ever be found….? Leave a comment below saying what you think will be the next move. -

- by Chimierah Woods

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