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John Ross Bowie from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Discusses Demonic Dogs and NASA

John Ross Bowie, best known for playing Barry Kripke on “The Big Bang Theory”, interviews with Geek Smash.

Geek Smash – Have you always lived in New York or are you living in LA now?
John Ross Bowie – I grew up in New York, right in midtown Manhattan, but I’ve lived in LA for 11 years (this month!)

RB – What are some differences you’ve noticed between New York and LA?
JRB – I was just talking about this with a recent NYC émigré. The key thing to enjoying LA is to not compare it to New York at all. So instead of complaining about the shitty pizza, embrace the excellent Mexican Food. Yeah, it sucks you have to drive everywhere, but you get to listen to podcasts and whole albums in your car! There are fewer bookstores, but there are the best movie theaters in America! Enjoy!

GS – What made you decide to get into acting?
JRB – I was in my late twenties and I was writing brochures for a huge consulting firm, and it was looking like this was going to be my career, even though I wasn’t very good at it. A friend suggested I take improv classes, and desperate for something to do, I jumped in. Improv has been called an addiction by far smarter people than I, and I was very quickly hooked.

GS – Who or what inspires you or drives you?
JRB – Well, on a very practical level, my kids. They need to eat, and daddy’s gotta provide. But they also inspire me in other ways. My daughter’s 5 and she’s just really discovering what makes her laugh, and she’s even writing her own jokes. “What did the girl say to the Octopus?” “I wanna hold your hand, hand, hand, hand …” That’s a Nola Bowie original. Cool, right?

GS – That is too cute…and funny! You’ve done a lot of great work on TV, do you want to be in more movies or work in other mediums?
JRB – Here’s the answer that no talent agent wants to hear: I wanna do more theater. I’ve done a single play in 11 years, but it was SO much fun. I take scene study classes so I can take a break from sitcom work and do some Chekhov, some Shakespeare. I love working in television, and I learn a lot, but there’s something very exciting in doing dialogue that’s been around for over a hundred years.

GS – Regarding “The Big Bang Theory” have they have ever talked with you about a larger role in the show?
JRB – No, and I don’t blame them. I’m not being self-deprecating, but a little Kripke goes a long way. Can you imagine if Newman was on every episode of Seinfeld?

GS – Yeah, I see your point. What projects you are working on right now we should keep an eye out for?
JRBKevin Sussman and I are working on an animated pilot for Amazon called Dark Minions – some part of it will be available online in April.

GS – What’s the most challenging thing as an actor you’ve ever done or been asked to do?
JRB – Huh. That aforementioned Chekhov scene in acting class was no walk in the park, but only a dozen people saw it.  I did an episode of Charmed some years back wherein I had to be attacked by demonic dogs. The finished product looks pretty good, but the process involved me lying on my back trying to get a big invisible dog off my chest. That was a very weird mime scene.

GS – On the flip side of that what is the most fun thing as an actor you’ve ever done or been asked to do?
JRB – Honestly, my work on Big Bang is a blast. I’ve gotten to do stunt work! A shlub character actor like me doing rock climbing and flying through the air to land on crash padding! It really is a delightful place to work. OH AND ALSO – I managed to get invited to tour the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which was life changing. I used to think the space program was a waste of money, but I am full-on convert to its merits. And the attached photo proves my devotion to the program.


GS – If you weren’t an actor, what other profession would you want to do?
JRB – I studied to be an English teacher, and I did it professionally for one year. I miss it occasionally, and I was pretty good at it. I think about going back sometimes.

GS – Assuming you’re not already one, if you were to become a super-hero or super-villain, what would your new-found power be?
JRB – Man, I would love to be able to fly. Just to beat traffic.

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