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Resident Evil: Retribution – Review

“Despite its general blandness, Resident Evil: Retribution did contain some redeeming characteristics.”


I did not have high hopes going into Resident Evil: Retribution. When I heard  that they were making a fifth Resident Evil movie; I cringed at the prospect. I really didn’t think the film deserved a fourth, and in fact I’m pretty sure I missed that one. It is a good thing they did a quick recap at the start of the movie. What I really couldn’t wrap my head around, especially after seeing the film, is how this franchise has been able to keep going over the last ten years. They are all essentially the same right?


Each films plot can be summed up in one or two paragraphs at most. Alice fights zombies alongside a small group of survivors. Almost everyone dies, but Alice lives, and tries to take down the evil Umbrella Corp.  Going in, the best you can hope for are quick cheap thrills, lots of guns, zombie killing , some decent close quarters combat,  a hot and sexy Milla Jovovich in ridiculous outfits.


“As in past films, Milla Jovovich’s presence elevated the mediocre script and plot.”

Also I didn’t understand the title at all. Retribution? Really? The dispensing or receiving of rewards or punishments? She didn’t really get rewarded or dish out a punishment in this movie. It was just lots of running around trying to escape the Umbrella facility before the bomb goes off. I think Reanimation would have been a much more fitting title because of all the freaking characters they brought back to life.

The film did contain some redeeming characteristics. The intro was beautifully rendered in reversed slow motion.  The ending fight scene, and the little teaser they slipped in at the end, setting up the sixth film were also well done and provocative.  The scene in which Ada Wong and Alice fought two Executioner Majini contained brilliant choreography. The Russian zombies firing guns, driving cars and riding motorcycles were also very entertaining. And, as in past Resident Evil films, Milla Jovovich’s presence elevated the mediocre script and plot.

Some of the over the top stuff included the fact that every character had unlimited ammo. While this helped to speed up the pacing it was completely ridiculous and unrealistic. I kept saying to myself the entire time “Come on really! Are you ever going to run out of ammo?” She also goes through incredible lengths to save her cloned daughter.

Lots of people make their return in this film as clones or simulations Oded Fehr, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory). I’m really not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing.

All things considered ”Resident Evil: Retribution is enjoyable for a little while and fans may like it. That doesn’t change the fact that as a gamer I’m insulted this film series keeps going, and it’s a typical and bland entry in to a genre with much better material. Would I recommend anyone going to see it for then $10-$15 admission price. No way! No how! I think Paul W. S. Anderson should not be allowed to write movies anymore.

Michelle Rodriguez-resident evil-retribution-

So after getting out of the film and doing a little research I found the main reason why they keep making these movies is Sony makes good money on them. While they have been making less and less here in the states they are  enjoying more success with the DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s.  Also, overseas people really seem to dig them. They also always win the box office opening weekend because they are paired against other lackluster movies and just seem to happen to be the best out at the time. So the audience settles for what they can. Sony is on track to have made over a billion dollars with this franchise. As long as a franchise makes money they will keep making films. Just look at movies like Ice Age pump’em out and cash in. Can you blame them? Let me know. Comment below!

Resident Evil: Retribution is rated R for sequences of strong violence throughout. Its running time is 95 minutes.

Geek Smash Score: 53/100

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