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"The Big Bang Theory" Review: “The Decoupling Fluctuation ”

“OMG Sheldon in Penny’s bedroom and no one sang Soft Kitty.”


Big Bang Theory tried to kicked it up a notch this week. Were they successful? I’ll tell you what I think and I hope you will leave some comments below with your thoughts on this perplexing matter.


The main drama in tonight’s episode revolves around the fact that at the outset of the episode Penny tells Amy and Bernadette that she may break up with Leonard and she is “confused” about what she feels for him. A little later Amy gabs this news to Sheldon. (Which is never a good idea, because he hates secret keeping.) Ultimately he doesn’t reveal the big secret to Leonard but he does intervene and talk to Penny about it by breaking into her apartment in the middle of the night. A lot of the jokes seem to be recycled; for example, Sheldon keeping a secret . I was, however, thinking “OMG Sheldon in Penny’s bedroom and no one sang Soft Kitty.” Penny gets really mad at Amy after Sheldon’s intrusion and calls her up in the middle of the night to yell at her. I’d love to see the writers step out of their comfort zone more, try new things, experiment a little, take risks, and learn from their mistakes. The actors are clearly capable of so much more. I enjoyed watching Sheldon trying to keep the secret but it’s been done before. The best lines that came out of this bit was Leonard accusing Sheldon of having sexual feelings and Sheldon getting frustrated about how ridiculous that conclusion is. Again another example of a joke that has been told before.

I want to give them props on the fact that in this episode for the first time ever we see Sheldon is NOT the robot everyone thinks he is because he cares what happens to Leonard. Shock and awe! I think that big character development this season for the cast will allow this show to continue on for many seasons to come. I for one would love that; but I always wonder when a show gets over that five-year hump how much longer it will run? How long will the cast want to play these characters?  Sheldon is always cracking jokes about Penny’s sexual endeavors, Howard’s inadequacies, and Leonard’s height.


It’s also worth mentioning that the promoters missed a really big opportunity to drive deeper engagement with their audience by not having a YouTube video up and running for  ”Astronaut Screams for Nine Minutes!!”  It’s totally trending now and I would have shared the heck out of that video.

Some of the highlights for the episode included when Bernadette called Howard her hunky Buzz Lightyear, and Sheldon making such a fuss about holding Amy’s hand at the movie theater. We also get to learn a lot of the things that Sheldon likes and dislikes. He apparently loves fish with swords and hammers as part of their anatomy, Penny’s green apple shampoo makes the cut but he tells her to lose the “coconut” smell. He also makes it clear to her that he is a creature of habit and will do anything to ensure homeostasis. Penny makes it clear to Sheldon that he is not very good at telling bedtime stories and she doesn’t intend to hurt Leonard.


This weeks episode was a lot more fun with some comedic one liners that really had some punch and zing to them. I’m a little iffy on Stuart being the stand in Howard Wolowitz but it’s nice that Raj has a friend to hang out with, go drinking with and try to pick up chicks. His need for friendship makes him weak according to Sheldon as he beats him at a card game. Ten geek points to anyone who can name that game in the comments below! Raj comparing him and Stuart to coffee and cream made me smile but it’s pretty typical of Raj to bring everything back to race or color. Stuart felt like a third wheel the whole episode and I felt bad for him. I hope they flesh his character out more.


The bits with Howard in space are nothing more than poop jokes and Bernadette trying to get Howard to stand up for himself to his astronaut bullies. They didn’t need him to go into space to have him dealing with people picking on him and the drama with his wife and mom. I’m really surprised that Bernadette doesn’t hang out with the gang more. She seems to be only interested in hanging out with the girls. I’m also surprised they haven’t done more with Howard being in space.


Am I being overly critical of my once favorite show or is something just off and missing? I’m praying that the Penny and Leonard situation will correct itself soon. Why can’t Penny and Leonard be happy for once?  This echoes of the Ross and Rachel saga of Friends, so I guess we’ll find out on the series finale.  I hope the writers know just how annoying that saga was the first time around.  The ending was spot on and I will be patiently waiting for next weeks episode. When it was all over the only thing I could really say before sitting down to write this review was, “Was that it?” Twenty-two minutes just doesn’t seem enough time to do justice to an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

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