"Dredd" Poster

Sure, there are plenty of these lists. But on this “Day of Dredd” let’s throw another one into the meat grinder!

I’m a big fan of both the Judge Dredd comics and the Karl Urban-fueled film “Dredd.” Hell, even the Stallone fiasco had some (I use this term loosely) decent (again, very loosely) qualities. I mean it did give us this jewel. For those who don’t know, October 1st is being called the “Day of Dredd,” where the fans tell Hollywood, “Hey meatbags, we want to give you money, if you give us more Judge Joseph Dredd!” In honor of this day, here are my personal top ten reasons for Hollywood to take my money… “I got a fever and the cure is the law!”


[box_light]10) “Dredd” was great![/box_light]


Like pretty much everyone, I didn’t think much of the trailer for “Dredd.” Stallone’s taint still loomed in the air. It didn’t look bad, but the film didn’t come across as theater viewing worthy. I was wrong, I’m a giant idiot.

I loved this movie. It was a perfect one off to reintroduce Judge Dredd to the masses. I really regret not seeing it in the theaters, but I’ve since bought it and watched it many times on Netflix. Hopefully, that plus this article will help right my karmic wrong.

If the creators can keep the passion and love for the world of Dredd, I can only imagine the sequel(s) would be just as good. I know there’s a lot more people who would see it just on the strength of the first film.


[box_light]9) The Judge Dredd/Batman Crossover[/box_light]

Batman VS Judge Dredd

In the very distant, and I mean drokking distant future, this could pave the road for a Judge Dredd/Batman crossover like in the comics. My gods, could you imagine Idris Elba (someone I think would be amazing as Batman) and Karl Urban sharing the screen, one the vigilante caped crusader, the other the law! A massive shiver just went up my spine thinking about that duo.

The comic book crossover would be an excellent source for the movie. Basically through dimensional travel, various villains from both heroes’ worlds start working together. Big time trouble for the citizens of Gotham and Mega-City One. Don’t you want to see Judge Dredd take on The Joker?

I fully understand that due to copyright laws, this crossover may never happen, but a meat bag can dream, right?