[box_light]8) Mega-City One[/box_light]

"Dredd": Block

We only got a small glimpse of the Mega City itself in “Dredd,” and it’s understandable, they did this to save on the budget. What we did see looked great. In the comics, MC-1 functions almost like a character. Whereas Joseph Dredd is a fixed point, the city itself is always changing. Even seeing a glimpse of the weather control system would be cool.

It’s unfortunate that given the the state of a potential sequel, if it does get a budget, it might be small again. So again, we might be limited in seeing the glory of a Mega-City. That was one thing I felt the Stallone film got right, the effects were great and the city itself was well represented. BUUUUUUUUUTTTT maybe the second will do well enough to get a bigger/grander budget to really display the dystopian glory of MC-One.


[box_light]7) More Judges[/box_light]

Judge Dredd: Judges

We got to see a small glimpse at some of the other Judges that help uphold (or in some cases betray) the law, but I want to see Judge Hershey and Giant. Dredd, despite his herculean efforts, can’t uphold the law himself. We did get a nice duo with Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) in the first flick. Seeing that partnership grow could be fun as well.

Seeing the Chief Judge play a bigger role and getting a look into how the Judges interact within the Halls of Justice would be great. Imagine a scene with Dredd at the cafeteria, Anderson by his side. She’s reading the minds of her fellow Judges. Some respectful of Dredd, others jealous. Dredd scowling as he chokes down over processed food from a robot. Or wobot…