[box_light]4) Denizens of Mega-City One[/box_light]

Judge Dredd: Fatties

Like most things in “Dredd,” we only got the smallest taste of the inhabitants of MC-1. I’d like to see more. As mentioned above, we could always use more of the mutants (and not just pretty face Anderson). We need to see some real freakshow mutants. I’m talking chicks with three boobs, or guys with babies attached to their chests. Wait, I think there’s a movie with that stuff in it already…

Back to my point. There are also some storylines with the “Fatties” in the comics. Seeing them open the film could be a fun way to expand the universe. Or making them a side story. Also seeing people suffer from future shock (called “Futsies” in the comics). Either way, seeing Judge Dredd dispense the Law to more citizens of MC-One is yet another reason why we need a sequel.


[box_light]3) Karl Urban is teh Awesome[/box_light]

"Dredd": Flag

What can I say, I want to see Karl Urban in more films. Specifically, ones where he gets to be a bones-afide (see what I did there?) bad ass. He knocked it out of the park with his performance in “Dredd.” That scowl, oh that scowl!

My favorite part of the film is when he calls out Mama. “Mama is a petty criminal,” and then Lena Headey rolling her eyes. Brilliant! The one sad thing about a sequel would clearly be no more Mama. I loved that character. But in the end, the Law caught up with her.

If the world of Dredd gets filled out some more (see many of the ideas above). Then that offers to give more depth to Judge D and allow Karl more range as actor. I loved hearing him talk about complications of the mask while I was at a DragonCon Panel. Furthermore, Karl himself REALLY wants a Dredd sequel. Is that alone not a good enough reason?