[box_light]2) Judge Death[/box_light]

Judge Dredd VS Dark Judges

Hiiiiiisssssssssssss goallllll isssssss toooooooooooo punnnniiisssshhhhhh the liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivvvvvvvvvvvvvvinnnnnnnnggggg. Theirrrrr crimeeeee issssss lifffffeeeeeeeeee! Theirrrrrr sentenceeeeeeeeeeeeee is deathhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Judge Death would require a bit of a bigger budget, and would most likely have to come in the third installment of the hopeful franchise. He’s a great counter point to Judge Dredd as he can’t be killed and always finds ways to break his constraints, unlike other villains Dredd just executes or has sent to the iso-pods.

It’s also a chance for Judge Anderson to shine, as psychic abilities are typically the only way to stop Death. Also, seeing the other Dark Judges raining horror of MC-1 would be fantastic. The form a sort of four horsemen type ensemble. If the studios were smart though, they would certainly clear way for the Batman/Dredd crossover so the Dark Judges can team up with Batman’s villains. Drok, maybe someone should invest serious cash in the greatest crossover/fan film ever made…


[box_light]1) The fans want it![/box_light]

Judge Dredd: Law

Come on, what better reason to make a film than a large fan base demanding it?! Maybe the studios thought the fanbase would lose interest and go away, but they are getting more and more fervent in their demand for the law! It’s almost a license to print money at this point.

It’s nice to see R-rated action films. Sometimes the hero just needs to kill the bad guys. And Judge Dredd has that freedom. Do we really need another “Alvin and the Chipmunks” film? Drokk no! We need the law! We need Judge Jospeh Dredd judging the punks of Mega-City One! We need a “Dredd” sequel like Mama needs a new face…



If you want a “Dredd” sequel as much as I do, here’s how you can help. Like the Make a DREDD Sequel Facebook page, and sign the official petition here. You can also participate in Day of Dredd by purchasing the film on DVD or Blu-Ray (if you already have a copy, buy it and give it to a friend), watching it on Netflix, and by tweeting using the hashtag #DayofDredd.

What do you think? Can you think of any reasons for a “Dredd” sequel that I forgot? Let us know in the comments below.

-By Jeff Kaminski