Jan Lucanus side-kicked the door of opportunity…

It’s a typical day in Los Angeles: the sun is shining brightly, and I’ve heard at least a dozen horns during my five-mile drive to Runyon Canyon where I am to meet up with and interview Jan Lucanus, CEO of CIE (Creative Impulse Entertainment).  Although, this isn’t your typical interview. Jan is the creator of the hit comic-book series, JFH (Justice for Hire) and several other titles under the CIE umbrella, is a successful practitioner of Tai-Chi and the Chinese art of Push-Hands (in which he is a gold medal champion and trained with Josh Waitzkin), trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and raps. I figure we’ll have plenty to talk about.




While at San Diego Comic-Con International I had the pleasure of meeting Jan Lucanus per the suggestion of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legend John Machado. When John Machado, who starred in Red Belt and is well connected in Hollywood says, “You have to meet my student Jan Lucanus”…then I have to meet his student, Jan! While at Comic-Con, Jan introduced me to Ric Meyers who told me of a side of Tai-Chi that isn’t known about much in the states…a martial side. So, you mean that you can use this for self-defense? The past twenty years of Ultimate Fighting started going through my head and for the life of me I couldn’t recall anyone ever coming in and opening a can with Tai-Chi as their signature style. So I had to go and open my big mouth and say, “I would have to see this to believe it.” Jan, being eager to prove, said, “let’s meet up and train.” I looked at this as an opportunity to interview this up-and-coming entrepreneur and extraordinary talent, so I jumped to the opportunity.

After hiking to the top Runyon Canyon, training, punching mitts, sweating,  and being thoroughly convinced of the effectiveness of Tai-Chi as a martial art, I ask Jan to share with me his vision for CIE. Jan is taking his comic-book company and moving toward a full-blown entertainment resource. He is now producing music and giving entertainers an outlet to explore their craft and get recognized. He also surprised me that he is the son of comic-book writer and critic Jan Childress who some of you might remember from writing The Good Guys comic-books from Defiant circa 1993-1994.

Due to the recent success of transitioning comic-books to movies many have come out of the woodwork to showcase their comic-books in hopes of someone opening up a door of opportunity. Jan Lucanus side-kicked the door of opportunity in by using CIE as a catapult to launch his career with Justice For Hire as his flagship title. Jan moved across the country earlier this year from New York City to Los Angeles to explore the movie aspect of CIE a bit further. Now he has a feature film slated for release in 2013 titled Justice-For-Hire: Rise of Retribution. This led to him meeting with comic-book industry legend Neal Adams. “Understand we’ve got new people doing new things – Jan is an example of that. There’s a new interrelationship between the forms, that’s beginning to develop from comic books, to motion comics, to film and television. Those of us who are aware of it are going to be involved in making entertainment from beginning to end.” says Adams.

Want to know what’s been keeping Jan and the crew from CIE busy? Here is a snippet of what they’ve been working on:

  • JFH: Justice-For-Hire – Rise of Retribution feature film due for release in 2013 with Spillwall Productions and Nine Dot Entertainmen
  •  JFH KIDS motion comic animated series featuring the voices of Ahmed Best (Star Wars,  Robot Chicken) and Paula Garces (Horld & Kumar, Warehouse 13) slated for 2013 release with Spillwall Productions and Willow Road Animation
  • John Machado TV choreography
  • Mr. Butterscotch comic book and live action series with artist Mark Sparacio (Jonah Hex) and writer Richard Martin (Liberty Girl) based on and starring Paul Shull
  • CIE/Mr. Butterscotch Artist of the Month – this is a new initiative to highlight rising musical artists.  November will feature New York rapper, BS.
  • Christopher Brown comic book release coming in December from artist/writer Kevin Thomas
  • 40 or so new CIE titles in the pipeline including Debutante Renegade from writer Aurore Barry
  • CIE Universe “visual poem” starring Whitney Moore (Birdemic) with VFX lead Will Roberts directed by Aurore Barry and Jan Lucanus
  • Ultra Vanity Testosterone rap group Mixtape and music videos launching in January and featuring Jan Lucanus and Aldous Davidson (MTV’s “The Guy Code”)

…and that’s just in the last few months!! By now you can clearly see why Jan Lucanus clearly qualifies as a renaissance man. One thing you will see as a consistent theme across everything he does is a focus on quality. Every project undergoes an extraordinary level of scrutiny; you can tell by looking at the details. The paper choice for the comic-books, the cinematic sequences that jump off of the pages as if they were elaborate storyboards for a new blockbuster movie, the sound quality of the music, and the video representation of his literate works all resonate of someone who cares about providing quality. After getting to know Jan I’m convinced that even if nobody were listening, reading, or watching…the quality would be the same. But they are, and in a big way. JFH has gained a reputation as being one of the top downloaded digital martial-art comic-books in the world.

I look forward to reading every title that comes out of the house of CIE…guess I’d better clear my schedule.

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