It’s move-in time, Geeksmashers. I’m sure your dorms are ready for college, but are your smartphones?

If not, you should check out these seven free apps that are perfect for college students of all majors. Yes, I said “free,” so you have no excuse to not download them.

[box_light]7. CamScanner[/box_light]


With CamScanner, you can make any Smartphone into your own personal scanner and turn anything into a PDF. All you have to do is take a picture. Editing those picture is really easy, and you can even add your own notes to the file.

Additionally, CamScanner makes it easy to share your scanned pictures. You can email them, print them, even fax them straight from your phone. If you don’t want a physical copy, but still want to save the scanned thing, you can save it in the app and come back to it later. If you prefer, you can sync it to popular cloud storages as well, so that you can access it from other devices.

Get it now on Google Play  or iTunes.

[box_light]6. Silence[/box_light]


When you’re in class, a lecture, at work or sleeping, not only can a constantly chiming phone be really annoying, it can also get you in trouble. Everyone’s forgotten to turn off their phone at some point in time before. We’re human. We make mistakes. To help us avoid making such mistakes, there’s Silence.

Silence lets you schedule your phone to go…well, silent for a certain period of time. For instance, if you have class from 10 to 12, you can make your phone be silent without ever having to adjust your volume. Then at 12, the sound will turn automatically back on. All you have to do put it in is put it in your calendar. Easy as pie. You can also make it so that your WiFi, Bluetooth or Mobil Data will turn off and on based on what you’re doing.

Get it now on Google Play.