A visually stunning chunk of cinema, “Elysium” brings the grit back to Hollywood.

The latest book release entitled, “Elysium – the Art of the Film” is an enticing visual representation of the movie from Director, Neill Blomkamp (known for his work on “District 9”) and starring Matt Damon and Jodi Foster. The book from Titan Books is a beautiful book from cover to cover.

Aside from the amazing photography and great forward from Blomkamp, what makes this book so great is the stories from within. In this article we lay out ten facts about the movie that we might not have known otherwise.

[box_warning]Caution, Blomkamp has a potty-mouth.[/box_warning]

Let’s take a look inside:

[box_dark]Fact #1: Google Earth was used to scout shooting locations.[/box_dark]

Initially Blomkamp wanted to redo some locations in his hometown of Johannesburg to look like LA and shoot there as he did in “District 9,” but Production Designer, Phil Ivey convinced him to use Mexico City. Ivey’s first instinct was to use Mexico City because the future is predominantly latino in futuristic LA. While this sounded good, he had to show some ideal locations…and did so using Google Earth! The end result was one that, in the end, saved the movie-makers loads of money and gave effortless grittiness to the slums of Los Angeles.

[box_dark]Fact #2: The heist scene was filmed in a real landfill.[/box_dark]

One of the most important scenes from the film was shot in a real landfill in Mexico City. It’s the 2nd largest landfill in the world where people actually live in wooden and iron shacks, and earn money by pulling stuff from the landfill and selling it. The production team, in order to make it a safe environment for the actors and crew, brought in truckloads of clean earth. This way when they blew it around into the air, nobody was breathing in filth. Ewww…

[box_dark]Fact #3: The design work and logos were done by Weta[/box_dark]

You Tolkien movie fans might recognize the name Weta as the company who handled much of the design and prop work for the Lord of the Rings movies. Blomkamp has worked with Weta on other occasions including “District 9” and felt like they were the go-to company to aid in the design-work for “Elysium.” The book displays some great concept drawings and 3-D artwork from the Weta team so we highly recommend checking it out.