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The TARDIS isn’t cheap, so start saving, Whovians.

As we all know (well, Whovians do, at least), the TARDIS is not only the Doctor’s time traveling machine, but also his home, in addition to becoming the temporary home of his many companions. Many people not familiar with ‘Doctor Who’ might wonder what the big deal is with the Doctor’s iconic blue box.

It’s a big deal.

As the Doctor’s companions learn when they first enter the TARDIS, they are left stating, usually amazed and nearly speechless, that it is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside (except for Clara, who says matter-of-factly that the TARDIS is smaller on the outside.). The rest of us are left wondering what else lies within the four walls of this old piece of Time Lord technology. We know there are bedrooms, including bunk beds for the married Amy and Rory. There is a library. There is also a swimming pool. All of these necessary amenities for traveling in time and relative dimension in space. What else does the TARDIS offer? Kitchen? Bathroom? Soccer fields? How big is the TARDIS, really?  Since I started watching ‘Doctor Who’ I have wondered how it would be to live and travel in the TARDIS. I wonder how much such a home would cost.

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost you to own your own workable TARDIS?

Turns out, the lovely people at real estate blog Movoto have calculated how much it could cost. If you have a bit over 2 billion dollars laying around…

In fact, they quote, “After going on our own adventure, we came away with this tidbit: The TARDIS, if it were treated as a house, would be worth $2,580,324,616.75…”

Now that someone has figured out the cost of owning a TARDIS, I wonder if that means time and space travel will be included in the price tag…