Who says princesses can’t rescue themselves?

Certainly not the protagonist of the sci-fi short film, “Controller.” You can check it out below, and I’ll tell you more fun stuff about it after you watch the video.


Wasn’t that cool?! Major kudos to Saman Kesh, who wrote and directed the movie, as well as Marq Films for producing. Now, you might have already seen “Controller”–I saw it last week–as the video has been making its rounds on the internet, but what you may not know is that the short film is an entry into the 2013 Machinima Interactive Film Festival, which is a thing that exists (a fact hitherto unknown by me).

The festival allows new media folks a way to show off their creations to all sorts of people (online and off), with the top selections getting displayed in a gallery at iam8bit in Los Angeles, November 22 – 23, which has to be awesome for everyone chosen. Not only that, but four entrants into the festival will get to develop a mini-series with Machinima, and the final winner will create a full-length series.

How awesome is that? Answer: Really awesome.

I’m not a video-maker myself–I write my stories down–but we’re all tellers of tales, regardless of our medium. I’m really excited to find out about the Machinima Film Festival, and I hope Saman Kesh’s “Controller” makes it to the finish. Speaking of “Controller,” it turns out there’s a prequel. It’s called “I___U (Controller Prequel).”



I’m not sure I like the prequel: I feel like we got most of the info from it within the body of “Controller” itself. “I___U (Controller Prequel)” didn’t add that much more to the story, except that the main girl killed somebody at some point (thus the blood slowly pooling down the glass). I did like the title–the whole story is about closing the distance from one character to another, so we have a line going from “I” to “U.” Clever.

But where “Controller” is concerned, color me interested. I think the premise is pretty simple: Guy goes to rescue girl, but I dig the twist–The girl is the one controlling the guy to come get her. So sure, the knight in shining armor is fighting to save the damsel in distress, but she’s not that distressed, and she’s the one guiding all of his actions.

I’m still not 100% on what’s happening in the story exactly: who the agency is that’s using the girl, how she’s “connected” (we see her standing on what looks like a router or something similarly computer-y when the guy comes to get her, but she’s not plugged in anywhere…maybe she has Wi-Fi?) and why gravity shuts off when she’s not controlling things, I have no idea.

For all that, I enjoyed “Controller.” I liked the love story, the subversion of a traditional kidnap-and-rescue structure, and the fact that this girl is using her boyfriend like a video game character.



What did you think of the movies, dear readers? Seen anything else in the 2013 Machinima Interactive Film Festival? Be sure to let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter @GeekSmashCom or @ColinOBoyle. And, as always, stay Geeky my friends.