dallas fan expo cosplayers

Geeks and nerds alike took over Dallas this April, so, of course, GeekSmash had to check it out!

On the first Saturday of April, I went got dressed in my GeekSmash shirt and rode the train into Dallas to check out what many call the only comic con worth going to in North Texas: Fan Expo Dallas. Once I got there, I could certainly see what the hype was up all about. Their line-up included the cast of Rocky Horror, Jason Isaacs from Harry Potter, the ever famous Stan Lee, and more.

Though I was super excited for the line-up, I spent most of my time among the vendors, checking out the hundreds upon hundreds of cool things for sale. I even gave in and bought a surprise cube that contained a bunch of Pop! figurines and, oddly enough, a pack of Twilight trading cards. Does anybody want to trade my Edward card for a copy of Dracula?

While I loved the vendors, I have to say my favorite part of the expo was getting to meet the people behind Cosmunity. As one of our clients, we work with the Cosmunity team a lot, but this was my first time meeting them in person (and they were just as cool as I’d imagined). Cosmunity is essentially a constant con in your pocket that lets you keep up with your con friends long after the con has ended. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, I would definitely recommend it.

Overall, Dallas Fan Expo was a pretty awesome con! It had a great guest line up, cool panels, and a wide selection of vendors. However, you can’t talk about this year’s expo without mentioning the lines and crowds. I waited around forty to fifty minutes to get into the conference room where Jason Isaacs would be speaking and I spent at least ten minutes of that time waiting in the wrong line because waiting areas were not well-marked. The Q & A session then started late, and I ended up having to leave to catch my train home. It was also impossible to move freely on the convention floor due to how small the pathways were for the amount of people who were there.

My experience with Dallas’ Fan Expo, however, was much better than a lot of people’s. There has been a lot of outrage over the past few weeks about the event’s alleged disorganization. Many on the expo’s Facebook page have said they will not return next year. Most of the outrage is coming from the sudden departure of Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s on Saturday. The two arrived late and left early due to multiple issues, which caused many people to miss out on autograph and photo-op appointments with them. After being told the TWD actors had left, there were near riots, as some people had waited for as long as eight hours for the opportunity to meet the two stars.

Though the con was hectic, it was still fun. I’m already looking forward to next year’s! It’s not quite as big as Dragon Con or SDCC, but it’s worth a visit. Did you get the chance to go? If so, let me know in the comments what you thought of the crazy crowds or tweet me at @ChickadeePoems about your FXD experience.