Ten’s TARDIS has landed with a brand new adventure, and a brand new companion.

A few months ago, Titan Comics announced that they were going to release an on-going new “Doctor Who” comic series featuring the Tenth Doctor (and also one with the Eleventh Doctor and now the Twelfth Doctor too!).

The artwork in the comic is by Elena Casagrande (of “Angel” and “Star Trek” fame) and written by Nick Abadziz (“Laika”), and of course, let’s not forget the lovely wonderful cover art by Alice X. Zhang.

Tenth Doctor Issue 1 Cover

Being a huge “Doctor Who” fan (particularly of the Tenth Doctor, as that’s where I started watching), I was looking forward to adding a new comic to my collection of DWM issues and battered, well loved BBC books that live in the wardrobe, and the new comic doesn’t disappoint.

As it’s the first issue, the story is an archetypical set up plot and introduces the characters and situation. Although it doesn’t feature any of Ten’s companions from the television series because it’s set after Donna’s departure, after a lovely page of the TARDIS nearing Earth from outer space, we meet the brand new companion, Gabriella Gonzalez (aka Gabby).

We soon realize she’s stuck in her life; she’s forever being ordered around by her bossy father and would much rather be doing something else than working her two jobs at her family’s launderette and restaurant, whilst studying for a degree she’s not actually chosen herself.

The set up is interconnected with amusing pages of a near-miss meeting with The Doctor at Gabby’s café. Of course, he’s out of the door before she can deliver him his order because he’s roaming around New York with his machine that goes ding from the 5oth Anniversary. Although, from a hilarious babble in the Doctor’s dialogue, it doesn’t actually go ding yet. He also references to his loss of Donna, which made me laugh and sigh, much more than it should have done because it does a brilliant of feeling as though it’s part of the series.

Gabby’s not immune to the strange occurrences within the story; she’s right in the pipeline (and as any companion of The Doctor, she rightly should be). Whilst her family is set up, strange moments occur, ranging from a tsunami of water flooding the launderette to her Grandmother reckoning that her Grandfather’s lost soul is in pain with happenings on the eve of the Day of the Dead festival that’s coming up within the storyline. All of this slowly builds up to the final terrifying moments where she eventually meets The Doctor and then it leaves you with a whopping cliffhanger. It’s a glorious way to end the first issue, I dare anybody to read this and not buy the next one just to find out what happens next.

The whole thing is great fun to read, it feels like it’s just another adventure that the Doctor goes on. It’s not set in the UK this time and that’s good. Of course, The Doctor has visited America before, but it’s not going to be another invasion in London, broadening the scope of the adventures we’ve seen the Doctor go on before.

The artwork and colouring is lovely throughout; even some of the nasty parts of the story looked great because they were drawn and coloured so well. The panels are interesting and the layouts flow together without you even noticing. I have read comics in the past and I can’t say that I’m the biggest fan of them (really, the only comics I own are “Doctor Who” related), but I loved examining the artwork in this (including the plethora of covers for this issue) much more than I anticipated.

Tenth Doctor Issue 2 Preview

It’s a fun read and it’s lovely to see another adventure series with the Tenth Doctor. It didn’t feel like it’s been four years since David Tennant left the show, it picked up straight where it left off and for someone who’s as fond as that era of “Doctor Who” as I am, that’s a great thing. Gabby is blatantly in need of an adventure and intrigues me just as much as any of the other Tenth Doctor companions. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

The next issue is out on August 27th, and if you haven’t already got this one, you can see buying options here.

-By Lucy Walsh