Kinetic Generators: Feature Image 

They let you charge your phone and other devices on the go!

Summer is coming and with it tends to come outside adventures. Everyone seems to spend the few warm months on the go, having picnics or barbecues, taking hikes or going to the beach.

With all the smart phones, tablets, and such we have now, outside activities present a bit of a problem: no outlets. That’s right, out in the woods or down on the beach, there’s no way for you to charge your phone. Or so most people think, but a new technology craze is coming on lately. People have quickly started to become obsessed with kinetic energy and generators.

Right now, there’s even a company called Bionic Power that is working with the military to create a knee brace that harnesses and stores the kinetic energy from walking.

Kinetic Generators: Bionic Power

Now, I’ve only taken high school physics, so I can’t explain all the in-depth details of how this stuff works, but basically, kinetic chargers get energy from movement. They’re pretty nifty, and in comparison to solar powered chargers, they tend to be a lot lighter and easier to handle.

I’ve seen a few of these kinetic chargers that I think you guys should check out. They seem to work well and aren’t too horribly expensive. Head over to the next page to read more…