Each new battle in EA’s “Star Wars Battlefront” is rife with nostalgia and visually stunning.

Darth Vader rounds a corner inside a hall of the Rebel stronghold of Hoth. As he does, Luke Skywalker thrusts out an arm and uses Force Push to force Vader back. The familiar singe of Skywalkers green lightsaber activating breaks the resolve of the Storm Troopers backing Vader. Skywalker leaps towards Vader with his lightsaber raised high and brings it down with a mighty strike on the Sith Lord and they erupt into a clash of red and green. Luke is strong with the force, and Vader must use his full strength to fight back against the young Jedi, but the Imperials have already killed too many of the rebels. Luke will not be enough to fight back against the full might of The Empire. With the support of the Storm Troopers energy beams and grenades, Vader cuts down Skywalker without mercy. The Imperials have captured the stronghold. The battle is over. The rebels have lost.

Twenty seconds later, the battle restarts. And that’s just one of the nine game modes offered in the new “Star Wars Battlefront.” We’ve already posted a “Star Wars Battlefront” review, but with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” hitting theaters this weekend, gamers everywhere are still playing the game with a ferocity, so I thought I would offer up a second opinion.

Every game unfolds with the same level of intensity, whether it’s the Imperials assaulting the icy planet Hoth or the rebels surprising the Imperial army in the dense forest planet of Endor. The nine game modes are offered over eight maps, but the best ones are Supremacy, where players must capture points in a stronghold to win, and Walker Assault, in which teams take turns attacking with or defending against an onslaught of the enormous AT-AT’s from “The Empire Strikes Back.”

Battlefront Video Game Screenshot

The others, however, don’t fully capture the full sense of war between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance, but offer some fun smaller challenges. The constant back and forth flow of warfare is handled seamlessly, but spawn points are a problem. There were often times that I spawned right beside a trio of troopers that easily gunned me down within 10 seconds of my respawn.

As a lover of “Star Wars,” I will always remember hearing, “Boba Fett has arrived, we must defeat him,” in my ear while playing as a Rebel alliance soldier and several other nostalgic moments that take me back to a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. And the best part is that Bobba Fett is a playable character. On the occasion that a player can find the power up on the map, they can become one of three Heroes or Villains unique to each team. These players are extremely tough and hard to take down, and they can easily rack up several kills before they die.

Additionally, each map is well-crafted and breathtakingly gorgeous, from the dusty trenches of Tatooine to the treehouses hanging in lush green forests on Endor. Some of my favorite moments from the game consist of just watching the red and green energy beams rip back and forth across the beautiful stretches of map. But nostalgia only lasts so long.

My biggest problem with “Star Wars Battlefront” overall is that it gets repetitive, fast. For me, it was the best “Star Wars” game ever, for about 10 hours. I would like to attribute the blame to the starting lobby before each game. Each lobby only lasts twenty seconds (as opposed to the normally used one minute lobby), which is not nearly enough time to take in everything that the player has just fought for.

Additionally, the lack of different gear to choose from hurts the game. The weapon I used most often was the weapon the player starts off with, because the other unlockable weapons (of which there are only 16) do not change my gameplay enough in terms of damage output or range. The only upgrade that truly ever changed my style of play was the addition of a jet pack that allows me to boost around the map occasionally. And as for changing appearances, why would I ever want to play a Storm Trooper without a helmet?

Battlefront Video Game Screenshot 2

I will always revisit “Star Wars Battlefront,” as DICE has succeeded in creating a game that fulfills the nostalgic “Star Wars” experience I’ve always wanted. But as a gamer, it doesn’t hold my full attention for very long. Future downloadable content that will double the number of maps and offer several new maps to choose from could change this, and the Season Pass promises to do just that, for an extra cost.

Overall, “Star Wars Battlefront” feels light in content, and as a gamer, DICE’s decision to withhold content for DLC makes me feel a little cheated.

What did you think of “Star Wars Battlefront?” Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

-By Taylor Lancaster