1. Tammy

One of the most feminist and the most hilarious movies of 2014 would have to be Tammy. This project was well written, superbly executed, and the cast, which includes Melissa McCarthy, Susan Surrandon, and Kathy Bates, is to die for. Tammy wasn’t well received by typical movie goers because it was a female driven comedy and the cast isn’t your typical female actor out of Hollywood, to say it bluntly, even though I think everyone in this film is beautiful, the typical misogyny of Hollywood stands out with the way the movie was received. Tammy goes from one of the shittiest days to changing her life and becoming an independent woman. There were laughs, heart palpitations, and tears all packed into this stick of dynamite. It is blue collar comedy at it’s finest and I hope to see many more projects executed by Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone.

2. Witching & Bitching

Witching & Bitching was released in the US in 2014, but in 2013 in Spain. It starts out with the robbing of a bank and then the bandits heading to the witch village only to stay for the ritual of a lifetime. The writing and dialogue of this film is so much fun. The dialogue itself will keep you laughing until the very end and then some. The makeup and graphics are superb and as John Hammond would say, “They spared no expense.” Director Alex de la Iglasias takes us into a world of wonder, magic, and bitching in this dark comedy that is to die for!

3. Boxtrolls

The Boxtrolls is a movie that I waited for two years to see with complete antici….pation for. It didn’t let me down one bit. As a child growing up the art form of stopmotion filmmaking filled my life with wonder. With the exponential bounds and leaps that CGI technology and software have taken in the last decade stopmotion has really become almost obsolete. Directors Graham Annable and Anthony Stacci bring us into a whole new universed filled with misunderstood trolls and a boy and girl with hearts of gold. We see the rise of a flat villian, this is not so bad and not meant as an insult. This story purposefully creates archetypes and then breaks them down in the middle of the movie. Boxtrolls is a must see for all filmmakers and of course everyone else.

4. Life After Beth

Written and directed by Jeff Baena, Life After Beth, takes the hilarity of Sean Of The Dead, shakes up the theories of George Romero, peppers the recipe with the concept of Romeo and Juliette, and of course, Warm Bodies, and the heartbreak of Of Mice and Men, to bring us a Macabre Comedy that warns us not to hold on to the past and let the days come, learning to move on. The cast was a great surprise from John C Reilly, Molly Shannon, to Paul Reiser! You won’t regret watching this well executed movie. Bring the tissues, though.

5. This is where I leave you

This is Where I Leave You is a great story about family. We all are scared of the get togethers for one reason or another, we all love them but it can be hard. The family comes together over the death of their father. The mother, Jane Fonda, then tells the kids that their father wanted them to respect his wishes and conduct the of Shiva. The family is stuck in the same house for a week and so hilarity ensues.

6. The Monuments Men

Written and Directed by George Clooney we take a stroll down Memorial Lane with a wide cast of characters that are charged with saving art from being destroyed by Hitler’s armies during World War II.

7. Cuban Fury
Cuban Fury was an idea introduced by Nick Frost and took off. In this grand not-so-much-dance-flick Bruce falls in love with Salsa. He even become a would be champion dancer only to be bullied by others and to drop it. Bruce is the type of character that avoids conflict, until finally he decides to love again.

8. Hercules

I will probably take hits for this one. However, the story telling inside of the storytelling is usually a topic that gets me. In this version of Hercules, with Dwayne The Rock Johnson, the Legend versus the Truth goes to battle with each other, with a shiny peak at myth being born through at the end. It is a phenomenal way to get the story of Hercules told, and the cast, including Ian McShane, does not let the audience down.

9. Guardians of the galaxy
Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy was well received by fans. It was well received most most of the audience. The writing was flawless and the execution of the film led by James Gunn cannot be argued with. It truly adds to the universe of Marvel.

10. Stage Fright

Stage Fright is a musical slasher written and directed by Jerome Sable. The story follows a family who lost their mother. She was killed while she was acting on Broadway. The stepfather, played by Meatloaf, moves the kids out of New York City to run a musical summer camp only to have the camp haunted by a fiend that wants to murder everyone. Completely worth your time!