Case Study – 

Crafty Celts


The Crafty Celts is an artisan jewelry company with traditionally handcrafted works in precious metals with price tags typically exceeding $200 to $400. Formed by Danny and Sherry Hansen, The Crafty Celts carved a niche for themselves through their involvement with the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and drew the attention of the showrunners of the History Channel show, Vikings, who started using The Crafty Celts’ pieces in their show. GeekSmash was brought in to increase online sales.


  • Obtain & manage license
  • New graphic design and logo
  • Create new website design
  • Optimize email marketing
  • Create and manage ads


GeekSmash saw unbridled potential for The Crafty Celts through the cult following of the show, Vikings. Obtaining licensing from MGM for Vikings was step number one. Now the fans of the show would know where to buy pieces worn by their favorite characters.


The Crafty Celts’ website also needed a good overhaul. As part of a rebranding campaign, we designed a completely new website and logo, giving them a fresh, new face and optimizing their website in the process.


Pay-per-click was also added to the marketing mix. We built and tested variations in ad creative, audience retargeting, and platform optimization methods to create a flight of supporting campaigns. Critical to campaign success was GeekSmash’s insights into the Vikings property and the culture of its global fan base. This allowed us to craft “fan-insider” ad creative for highly detailed targeting.


The final piece of the puzzle was to build a more robust email marketing campaign, which serve a myriad of beneficial functions, not the least of which increasing web conversions and customer retention. Using our expertise in targeting the pop culture sector, we optimized their process and engaged in numerous campaigns to drive-up their subscriber base.


GeekSmash helped Crafty Celts with some huge successes over the past two years. Through our strategy of licensing through MGM, website improvements and optimizations, advertising, and email marketing, Crafty Celts increased their transactions by 184% and revenue by 200%! Crafty Celts also saw marked increases in website sessions (86%), new users (58%), and conversion rates (52%). Through our email marketing campaigns, the newsletter subscriber base went up by 62%, creating a huge opportunity for further increasing web conversions. Indeed, Crafty Celts now has an impressive average click rate of 13%!


  • Increase in transactions


  • Revenue increase


  • Increased conversions


  • Increased newsletter subscribers