Case Study –

Far: Lone Sails


FAR: Lone Sails is an exploration adventure video game published by Mixtvision. Based in Munich, Mixtvision wanted to create a massive buzz for the launch of their new title in Europe, the USA, and Canada. We wanted to get them trend on STEAM and generate as many sales as possible during the launch phase.


  • PR
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Video & Graphic Design
  • Advertising


GeekSmash saw massive potential for this indie title and believed the game would be able to hold its own against mainstream game publishers. Our design team created a custom game trailer and advertised the game to press and media, as well as utilized Facebook and YouTube ads.


We made use of our vast network of press, bloggers, influencers, and other media to get people excited. Our team wrote and sent press releases to hundreds of legacy and mid-range outlets, and gave out hundreds of trial codes for power hitters to review on their pages. In doing so, GeekSmash tapped into a large community of video game influencers. Influencer marketing put the product in the hands of respected video gamers, enabling followers to see the game in action and played by someone whose opinion they valued.


GeekSmash helped Mixtvision to have an extremely successful launch for Far: Lone Sails! The marketing mix GeekSmash utilized generated a lot of buzz and got people very excited for the game! Almost half a million people interacted with the video and photo ads on Facebook and YouTube. Our influencers uploaded over 100 videos on Twitch and YouTube playing and reviewing the game.


Far: Lone Sails launched in the top ten on STEAM, outpacing Lord of the Rings and other dominant games! Total downloads on launch exceeded 30,000, and Far: Lone Sails stayed on the first page for two weeks.


  • Qualified impresssions (Facebook & YouTube Ads)

Top 10

  • Steam Ranking

100+ Influencer Videos

30,000 Downloads and Counting!