Case Study –

Lezhin Comics


A Korean manhwa publisher and subscription service, Lezhin Comics works with hundreds of creators to bring thousands of titles right into the hands of the customers. Offering steady new content and a vast library of fan favorites in a variety of genres including BL and GL, Lezhin has carved a unique niche and has a devoted fanbase. GeekSmash was brought in to increase brand awareness in the United States and Canada and increase sales on their English language website.

Tactics Used

  • Buzz Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Marketing strategy
  • Influencer Marketing


Lezhin needed to get the word out about their brand in the English speaking market, and GeekSmash’s unique insights into the American fanbase for manhwa culture enabled us to develop a custom strategy to specifically target the demographics most likely to be interested in Lezhin’s titles.


Influencer marketing was utilized to lend credibility to the brand by leveraging peer and influential opinions to heighten awareness. We tapped into our relationships with Instagrammers and YouTubers, mostly cosplayers, to give their reviews of specially selected Lezhin titles and cosplay some of the characters. Our team also utilized buzz marketing by creating organic comments on social media groups, Q&A sites, forums, and videos.


Lezhin Comics had never exhibited in the United States and their inaugural expo was the biggest in the world for anime conventions, so we had to put our best forward – as if we don’t always ;).


We utilized buzz marketing to generate awareness of their exhibit at Anime Expo, scheduled press and media appointments, and managed the booth from setup to teardown. Lezhin consistently had large lines of over 100 clamoring fans waiting to get discounted coins and signed memorabilia.


As a result of our ongoing campaigns, Lezhin Comics experienced increased sales across the board and saw a large uptick in awareness in English speaking countries through increased accounts, app downloads, and in-app purchases. Lezhin’s sales at Anime Expo vastly exceeded expectations the fans had a wonderful time. Fans still ask online regularly about when Lezhin will return!


  • New accounts


  • Increased email subscribers


  • Increase in organic traffic