Our passion for Pop Culture seperates us from our agencies

GeekSmash didn’t start as the geek industry marketing and PR agency we are today. We started as a blog where we wrote about all of the things in the “Geekosphere” as we call it. It arose out of a passion for talking about our favorite comic books, movies, TV shows, fantasy novels, video games, and tabletop games with like-minded people.

Then, as fate would have it, we sensed a great disturbance in the Geekosphere. Both established and startup companies were experiencing struggles to compete in the ever evolving geekscape that we all love so much. So, we strapped on our capes, moved our underwear to the outside of our pants, and set about helping our fellow geeks! Although, we must admit…they were a little shocked when we showed up at meetings like that.

Thus, GeekSmash the geek culture blog, became GeekSmash the new and improved marketing and PR agency who happen to wear their underwear on the outside! No, we really don’t…or do we? Guess you’ll have to see. We’re really passionate about this industry, we love the people, and we thrive on helping our clients succeed!


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