Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing

Our team has spent years building and maintaining relationships with influencers in the pop culture industry. Whether you’re marketing apparel, toys, collectibles or jewelry, we’ll make sure notables within our industry share your products with upwards of millions of their loyal followers. The result is that you’re no longer the only one saying your product is great, you have an army of highly reputable experts weighing in with the same opinion!

Paid Marketing
Ambassador Program Coaching

We understand that hiring someone to manage your ambassador program can be costly, but you need it when you’re starting out! However, if you go into this territory without proper training, you WILL make costly mistakes…everyone does. Our coaching solution helps you to keep everything in-house, saving money, and guiding you rather than doing it for you. We customize and roll-out your ambassador & influencer marketing program side-by-side with you for three months, then turn it over to you and your super capable team.

Photography & Videography
Photography & Videography

The entertainment industry is full of bright lights and loud noises. Because we want you to stand out from the crowd, we’ll create visually stimulating website graphics, print ads, logos and videos that represent your brand and hook potential customers.

Public Relations
Public Relations (sort-of)

Well, we made you look. Rather than use traditional PR, we elect to use strategies that push your announcements further than traditional PR could ever dream. One chat with us and you’ll stop donating money to overpriced PR firms. We have tricks…and bacon…can’t forget the bacon. (Bacon can be replaced with vegan options)

Event Strategy

We’ve attended cons for years with a special attention on creative marketing; so, we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ll work closely with you to form a step-by-step strategy to make sure your next appearance at a con gives you a higher ROI than anything you’ve done before.

Brand Representation
Brand Representation

If you’re located outside of the United States or you’re new to the industry, we’ll throw on our capes and attend cons and trade shows on your behalf, cheerfully sharing your products and services with fellow geeks.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

To this day, email marketing is still the highest converting method for marketing a product or service online. Unlike other marketing companies who blast out spam with no aim or direction, we design and send targeted and beautiful emails to your subscribers. Our emails are full of culture and provide engagement, stimulation, and value to your subscribers.

Ad Buying

We work with some of the top brands in our space, such as Walt Disney Studios, ABC, MGM, and many more. They’re always looking to expand their stable of quality licensees and we’re here to connect your brand with theirs! As your agent, we’ll process your documentation, negotiate terms, prepare your marketing plan, and help you to get as much from your new license as possible.

Personal Brand Development

GeekSmash partners with notable public figures and social media influencers, invests in their long-term success, and handles all of the behind-the-scenes business. Our executive team has years of experience developing brands, sourcing and designing products, securing licenses, launching massive product campaigns, booking press tours, and managing fulfillment & distribution both domestically and internationally.

Graphic Design

Great graphic design is indispensable to any branding initiative. Your brand’s first impression matters and we don’t want to send you into cyberspace looking like something the cat brought in as a gift. Instead, we’ll polish your look, help you to tell a consistent story, and make you memorable! Be sure to ask us about our EPK design service, because they’re kinda like awesome! Totally!

Remote Photo & Video Editing
Buzz Marketing

This is where we use our geek-cred to really shine! We’ll comb forums, social groups, and other online communities to talk about your brand. As a genuine fan of your brand, we help lend credibility and create hype in strategic places where traditional advertising methods can’t reach. We go where fans are already engaged in discussion about your industry and competitors to introduce or expand upon your brand awareness.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is more than just using keywords. It’s about identifying how people naturally search, then obeying the rules of organic and ethical data to attract people to your content. Whether you’re a local company selling goods or services to your local community, a YouTuber, musician, or an international E-commerce retailer, our SEO service will make sure that you rank high on any search or media platform.

Growth Coaching
Growth Coaching

Our CEO has helped dozens of businesses ascend to higher levels of achievement! Whether it’s simple brand positioning, needing a quick exit, or achieving record-setting sales, he’s been there and done that! Of course, going without a mentor is a good way to get your own bumps and bruises, but if you’re looking for a smoother ride to the top, Joe can help you to navigate that terrain! Topics include marketing strategy, operational challenges, and efficiency strategies, plus an often overlooked aspect of being a business owner or C-suite executive, mental preparedness.

Podcast Interview Booking
Podcast Interview Booking

Achieving a reputation doesn’t come from telling everyone about yourself, it comes from others raving about you. That’s where interviews come in. We’ve taken the time to source and network with podcasts and blogs and can put your exposure on warp-speed through our booking service. We’ll also work with you to fine-tune your message so that it consistently drives your goal forward, whether it’s to convert book sales, follow you on social media, or send people to your website. It’s time to get your message to the masses!

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